My teaching responsibilities lay with the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. I am leading seminars and lectures at the undergraduate and graduate level, dealing with peace and security, scenario analysis and international relations theory.

I have successfully participated in Teacher Training Course, which is a five week full-time training course organised by the Division for Development of Teaching and Learning (PU) at Uppsala University. In spring 2016 I am participating in the course Supervising Students for Degree Projects. 

During the last years I have been course convenor for the BA level Module 3 ‘Peace and security in the international system’ and Module 4 ‘Scenario Analysis’ of the BA programme in Peace and Development Studies. Aside from convening the course I am giving lectures on environmental security, critical security studies, human security as well as on climate change and water challenges.

In my teaching I combine the theoretical, empirical and methodological customs of the field. A didactic that synthesises my roles as researcher and teacher is thereby of particular importance to me. In essence, I aim to achieve that students get accustomed to scientific work, acquire its distinct tools and can apply them.

Course Convener

2013 –             Course Convener Peace and Security course (7.5 ECTS, undergraduate) [Syllabus 2015]

2013 –             Course Convener Scenario Analysis course (7.5 ECTS, undergraduate) [Syllabus 2015]

2013 – 2014   Course Convener BA Internship Course (30 ECTS, undergraduate) [Syllabus 2014]


2011 –             Environmental security and Climate Change (undergraduate)

2013 –             Critical Theory and Critical Security Studies (undergraduate)

2013 –             Human Security (undergraduate)

2013                Climate Change and Water Challenges, (Master), CEMUS (Centre for Environment and Development Studies), Uppsala University

2011                The War in Bosnia – An exemplified approach to the empirical study of the causes of war” (undergraduate)

Seminars and Supervision

2011 – 2015    New Military/New Non-military Threats to Security” (master level)

2011 –             Peace and Security and Scenario Analysis course (undergraduate level)


2011 –             Peace and Security and Scenario Analysis course (undergraduate)

2013 – 2014   BA Internship Course (undergraduate)

2013 – 2014   MA thesis at the Centre for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University